24 February 2012

Friday Funny ... For Aussie Political Junkies

H/T: Lowy Interpreter


Unknown said...

You silly bugger, I was in stitches after looking at that. Thanks mate, you're a beauty.

Unknown said...

Tony Abbott recons both of them are lemons.


w.w. wygart said...

Very funny! Who makes these things up?

That said, it has to be noted that both cases of "what I think I do" are actually SOMEBODY ELSE'S idea of what THEY do [all the rest as well of course].

I find it interesting that the projection of "I Rudd" is of a [real world] saint who champions the down trodden and the poor, and the "I Gillard" is portrayed as a [fictional] sympathetic assassin out on a personal vendetta to bloody handedly revenge a personal attack upon her.

Is this supposed to say something?


SC Mike said...

Gillard prevailed in her contest with Rudd.

Here’s one perspective on what the election was all about.

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